Assalamu Alaikum Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Ramadaan Mubaarak!

TECHFRIENDS EDUCATIONAL & CHARITABLE TRUST® cordially invites You, Your family & Friends (including non-muslims brothers/sisters) to

@Club House| Technopark Club | Technopark Campus
WEDNESDAY 30th May 2018 | 06:15 PM.

Registration Fee: Rs 200/head

Iftaar 2018

Important Notes:

  • Prior Registration is a strict mandate – entry through coupon being issued.
  • NO spot registration at the venue.
  • Please make advance registration and collect the entry coupons from respective building volunteers for better arrangements.
  • Details of building volunteers are provided below.
  • Separate prayer arrangements for men & women at Technopark club itself.
  • Preferred to be in the state of Ablution (‘wudu’).

Building volunteers for Entry Coupon:

Park Centre- Shakkir 94960 07127

Bhavani- Shanu 8089801746

Tejaswini- Mansoor 81290 50286 | Shabeer 9846185554

Quest Tower/Chandragiri- Binu 94473 56270 | Saleel 99613 58877

Tata Elxsi- Shamseer 70341 38488

IBS Campus- Abd Vasih 70122 20177 | Ramees 98467 17646

Nila- Basheer 86060 63339 | Saleem 99477 51999

Leela/Carnival- Jasar 9895187738 | Jazeer 98959 88917

Amstor/Gayatri- Anaz 94470 27688

Padmanabham- Salman 90377 02185 | Riyas 99955 74935

Technopark Phase3- Anil Shahul 94479 72393 | Naushad 94472 71492

UST Campus- Siyad 8089883941

Infosys Campus- Sanjai 98472 87386 | Shemy 99958 24552

EY Kinfra- Abd Shukkoor 70129 63415 | Subair 86061 15800

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